Difference Between a Laptop Computer and a Desktop Computer

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Computers were invented back in the 19th century, this was the greatest invention of all times as it led to world steps in digital space. Computers were invented by Charles Babbage, after this invention computers were further developed. Earlier computers were not accessible to all due to their great size and cost, but these days having a computer is cliche and also it has become a daily need rather than a luxury.

A laptop computer is a type of computer that does not need to be connected to the mains as it has a battery and combines all parts of a desktop computer in one box.

Laptops are portable so you can take them everywhere. The laptop computer is all in one computer that uses batteries or AC power to work. The laptop computer as the name suggests it can be used by just keeping it one lap. Laptop computers were invented back in1981 by Adam Osborne. Laptops acted as substitutes for desktop computers. As desktop computers have several limitations in terms of their portability and size.

The laptop computer can be defined as a compact and portable computer. There are no such external components like mouse, CPU, or UPS. they act as fully functional units without any connected devices or power.

Laptop computers have lower specs than desktops. Laptops are some somewhat weak processors as they have size limitations to fit the portability. Laptop computers are available in the market in various sizes depending upon their functions and performance

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What is Desktop Computer?

A desktop is a computer that is suitable for graphical users’ workspace on a software operating system like the Windows desktop. Desktop consists of external components like keyboard, CPU, mouse, monitor, etc. It works on software operating systems like windows.

desktops are powered by a grounded electrical source which is a wall socket, which also means that the desktop will not work if there is a power cut. If the desktop is not configured for wifi BlueTooth has the necessary ports for USB or HDMI most probably installed manually.

Desktops are a more powerful choice for gaming and video productions as they have more powerful processors and have large data storage. Data can be stored on the desktop and if there is a lack of space then the hard drive can be replaced easily, manually. This is one of the advantages of a desktop.

Installation of desktops is manual, all the devices( keyboard, mouse, CPU, etc..) are assembled and connected to each other through HDMI or USB cables. Desktops are not expensive these days as there are more developed systems present in the market which have reduced the value of desktops to some extent.

The limitation of desktops is their size and portability. They are not easily portable as they are set up at one place and it is stationary at one desk. There should be proper arrangement of some wanted desktops at their home or office. Desktops are generally preferred for offices these days as their storage work is more and also the graphical works.

Maintenance of a desktop does not cost high as its components are not too expensive and sometimes does not even require expertise as desktop’s components are easily detachable due to external presence.

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Differences between a Laptop Computer and a Desktop Computer?

The difference between laptop computers and desktop computers is their portability. Desktops and laptops serve the same in terms of work. Both of them are similar but not the same.

Laptop computers and desktop computers have many things in common, but let’s focus on what makes them different.

A desktop computer is much bigger, heavier, and must always be connected to the mains, so it must stay in one place. A laptop, on the other hand, has a battery that allows it to be used even when it is not plugged in.  They are light and small, which allows them to be carried everywhere.

In a laptop, the keyboard, monitor, and computer case are all combined in one. In desktop computers, the monitor, mouse, and keyboard are separate from the main computer case.


Despite looking very different, the laptop and the desktop computer do exactly the same thing. They use the same programs and perform the same tasks.

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