10 Reasons Why Going Downwind is Better than Upwind

10 Reasons Why Going Downwind is Better than Upwind post thumbnail image

You’ve endeavored to figure out how to go upwind right? You’ve spent innumerable hours attaching, preparing, and attempting to get those upwind points sharpened. Yet, imagine a scenario where we disclosed to you it doesn’t actually matter. That was incredible practice and all, yet subtly we as a whole know it isn’t so extraordinary. Going upwind really isn’t entertaining. For instance, we don’t snowboard sideways on mountains, consistently attempting to make strides tough. We go downhill.

Also, that is the thing that you ought to do kitesurfing as well. Since it’s better. Albeit, the reasoning doesn’t stop there. In this article, we’ll separate the 10 reasons why going downwind is superior to going upwind. Read on to realize why we’ve built up our point of view on kitesurfing downwind, and a few things you can attempt in your next meeting.

1. Improve your kite handling skills

While kitesurfing upwind permits you to sharpen your tracking, corresponding, and stable control of your kite, the advantages stop there. Going downwind is the place where you can truly scrutinize your kite dealing with capacities. Kite loops, huge clearing curves, and use of the full power window become possibly the most important factor when you choose to head downwind.

The explanation being is you are less worried about expanding your upwind tack consistently than you are while going upwind. Delivering your board edge, getting forceful with the kite, and attempting new moves unafraid of losing valuable ground (water) is useful for the spirit. Next time you go kitesurfing, preemptively plan to go downwind and perceive how inventive you get with your kite developments.

2. Improve your board skills

I frequently tell individuals, it wouldn’t be extremely amusing to snowboard/ski sideways on a mountain. This goes for kiteboarding too. Riding on one edge for a delayed time isn’t fun, polished, or helpful. At the point when you kitesurf downwind, it allows you to stretch your board abilities to the edge. Toeside, heelside, in reverse, nose-riding, margarine, stepping out the tail (on toes or heel), and a lot more freedoms emerge when riding downwind.

Allow yourself to evaluate new turns, cuts, and ollies unafraid of losing your place on the seashore. Accept circumstances for what they are. See where it takes your board abilities. We envision extraordinary things to come from you.

3. Easier on your gear and body

Our bodies are intended for development. They are not intended to remain in one situation for a really long time of a period (except if you’re resting, which we like… or then again riding a work area, which we don’t). Kitesurfing downwind allows your body to work new muscles, and stretch in an unexpected way. Riding upwind advances firmness and spasm commendable positions. Going downwind keeps you more agile and adaptable. It likewise breaks numerous individuals of the feared poopoo position.

4. More fun and scenic

Back to the skiing similarity… who preferences riding a similar run over and over and once more? Very few individuals. It’s an ideal opportunity to get out and see some various locales and scenes. At the point when you kitesurf at a similar spot, you see a similar wave break or shoreline endlessly.

Kitesurfing offers the incredible opportunity to investigate tremendous coastlines. Riding along the shoreline gives you an appreciation for the neglected. What’s more, who knows, possibly you’ll discover something exceptional no one has run over yet. Somebody needs to value new spots that haven’t become standard.

5. Less kite power required

A 1-kite shudder is each kitesurfers’ fantasy. With downwinders, all you require is one kite. What’s more, a more modest one at that. Bigass kites are just useful for going upwind. Tragically, they advance overwhelmed riding. They’re likewise lethargic, list in the breeze window, and occupy more room ashore. Attempt a more modest kite. You’ll be astounded at how little of a kite it takes just when heading downwind. More modest kites are more agile, fast, and amusing to fly.

6. Safer for you and others

I’ve witnessed more risky circumstances when kitesurfers are attempting to squeak out each and every inch of their tack. This makes them extremely near the beach and observers, and exceptionally out of sight ocean (whale watching). Going downwind permits you to remain in the sweet spot distance from shore consistently. You needn’t bother with more power. Stop it. Relax.

Going downwind advances more modest kites, better kite taking care of, remaining inside a couple of line lengths of the shore, and less weight on your lines. Try not to stress over an excessive number of kiters, surfers, swimmers, sightseers, and so on in your nearby spot. Go where they are definitely not.

7. You can surf more waves

We like riding the waves. At the point when you ride downwind, you can ride waves the entire time. Believe it or not! A perpetual flood of slicing, splashing, cutting on waves with no of the upwind work. We don’t have much else to say here… more waves. That is all.

8. Fosters better friendships

Kitesurfing is more secure with a companion. For the vast majority, riding downwind methods you need two vehicles (hint: no it doesn’t, for the individuals who love the climate, see transport #18, your ticket). Two vehicles mean you need a companion (or a city transport). Kitesurfing is more enjoyable with others. You need to watch others gain from their strategies.

You need them to watch your advancement. Kitesurfing downwind considers simple tracks and kept riding with others. Get a camera, or simply accept mental notes as your mate shows you the way, and afterward the other way around.

9. Promotes mindfulness and planning

Monitoring your environmental factors is critical to safe riding. Realizing you will travel a couple of miles makes you set for additional circumstances and conditions intellectually, which is a positive. They say to know something, you should draw it. Intellectually, you can submit it to memory and review those shapes for quite a while.

The equivalent goes for finding out about your seashore and yourself. Set aside the effort to gain proficiency with all the little hiding spots. You will be more ready in the event that you at any point wind up floating with the current or the climate. You will know about your environmental factors through investigation.

10. It’s more fun

Kitesurfing downwind is more enjoyable than going upwind. That is all. Try not to let individuals who go upwind constantly attempt to trick you. San Francisco, California has downwind conditions that confront the best on the planet. Miles of lovely coastline rimmed with extraordinary waves and fixed with a top-notch city. No, it is anything but a Caribbean/warm water bath. It’s inventive and off the standard radar. It requires regard.

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