How to Control Your TV With Alexa

On this post, we’ll discloses to you how to utilize an Alexa-empowered gadget, for example, an Echo, Echo Dot, Fire TV gadget, Smart TVs, and different innovations to control your TV with Alexa and voice command. The degree of Alexa voice usefulness you’ll have relies upon your TV design and model; check your TV’s documentation to see a diagram of its highlights and similarity.


  • For a voice remote, ensure everything is on and has power. Press the Voice button, and talk an order beginning with “Alexa.”
  • For Alexa-empowered gadgets, open the application > More > Settings > TV and Video > Plus Sign > Link…Device. Follow the prompts.
  • A few TVs have implicit Alexa capacities when you empower their abilities.

Use the Alexa Voice Remote

How to Control Your TV With Alexa

In the event that you have a Fire Edition Smart TV, a Fire TV Stick, or another Fire TV gadget, use Alexa voice command with the included Alexa voice remote. Here’s the ticket:

  • Power on your TV and Fire TV gadget.
  • Put new batteries in your Alexa voice remote.
  • The Fire TV will recognize the remote and pair naturally.
  • Hold down the Voice button and issue an Alexa voice command, for example, “Alexa, stop,” or “Alexa, continue.”

To have the option to turn your Fire TV gadget on and off with Alexa, go to Settings > Alexa and then tap Turn on TV with Alexa.

Use Your Alexa-Enabled Device to Control Your TV

In the event that you lose your Alexa voice remote or simply need more opportunity, it’s anything but difficult to interface your Alexa-empowered gadget, for example, an Echo, to your Fire TV. You’ll have the option to give hand-free Alexa voice orders that your TV will react to with no requirement for an exceptional controller. Here’s the secret:

  • Open the Alexa application and tap More (three lines on the base right).
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap TV and Video.
  • Tap the plus sign (+) to choose Fire TV.
  • Tap Link Your Alexa Device.

Follow the on-screen prompts to connect your Fire TV gadget and begin giving Alexa voice orders to control your Fire TV highlights and substance access. You’ll have the option to put-off your TV on or by means of Alexa voice orders in the event that it has the HDMI-CEC feature. Look at your documentation to discover.

Get a Fire Cube

In the event that you don’t have an Echo gadget or some other Amazon-empowered gadget, an Amazon Fire TV Cube is a ground-breaking streaming gadget with worked in Alexa usefulness. Not at all like Fire TV gadgets, Amazon’s Fire TV Cube goes about as Alexa speaker, so it will react to your voice orders and has in no way different capacities as an Echo.

Use Alexa With a Smart TV

Regardless of whether you don’t have a Fire TV or Fire TV Cube, it’s as yet conceivable to utilize an Alexa-empowered gadget to control your Smart TV with voice orders. Various makers have created TVs with the assignment “Works With Alexa.” Check your gadget manual to check whether your TV has this ability. Here’s the manner by which to set up some well known “Works With Alexa” TVs to begin utilizing voice orders.


Alexa usefulness is inherent to each of the 2019 and later LG OLED TVs and NanoCell TVs with WebOS 4.0.

  • From your LG TV controller, press the Home button.
  • Launch Set-Up TV for Amazon Alexa App.
  • Follow the prompts to sign in to or set up a LG account, and select your TV.
  • From the Alexa application, tap More (three lines).
  • Tap Skills and Games.
  • From the Search field, enter LG ThinQ.
  • Select LG ThinQ – Basic.
  • Tap Enable to Use.
  • Sign in to your LG account.

From the Alexa application landing page, tap Devices > Add Device, and add your LG TV. You’re prepared to begin utilizing voice orders with your LG TV.


Select Sony Android TVs, including each of the 2019 and later models, are affirmed “Works With Alexa” gadgets. Connection your TV with Alexa, and utilize a close by Echo to give voice orders. Here’s the way to begin:

  • From your TV’s home screen, select TV Control Setup with Amazon Alexa App.
  • Select your Google account (or make one) and name your TV.
  • From your Alexa application, go to More > Skills and Games, and afterward look for and select Sony’s Android TV.
  • Tap Enable to Use, and afterward follow the brief to interface your records and connection an Echo gadget or other Alexa-empowered gadget.


Select Vizio TV models are arranged as “Works With Alexa” gadgets. Connection your TV with Alexa, and utilize a close by Echo to give voice orders. Here’s the way to begin:

  • Turn on the TV and dispatch the ​Vizio TV SmartCast home screen.
  • Select the Extras tab on the menu bar.
  • Select Voice Settings > Pair Display.
  • Utilizing your cell phone, go to and ​enter the PIN demonstrated your TV screen.
  • Return to the Alexa application on your telephone when incited and empower the Vizio SmartCast aptitude.

Use Alexa With Roku Devices

    It’s anything but difficult to utilize an Alexa-empowered gadget to control your Roku streaming media player with voice orders. Read content, control playback, or change the volume while never utilizing the Roku far off. Here’s the secret.

    The most effective method to Connect Alexa to Roku

    • Open the Amazon Alexa application and select Menu > Skills and Games.
    • Quest for Roku, and afterward select the Roku Smart Home icon.
    • Tap Enable to Use.
    • Sign in to your Roku account and select the gadgets you need to control with Alexa.
    • Back in the Alexa application, Alexa will look for accessible gadgets. At the point when it finds your Roku gadget, select it, and tap Continue.
    • Pick your gadget and afterward select Link Devices.


    Connecting your tv with Alexa isn’t that difficult right? Well, if you still have issues in connecting your tv with Alexa after reading this article, then we’ll advice you contact a professional for more assistance.

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